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Mikaela Hyakuya

As a human, Mika is kind and upbeat in spite of the harsh events in his childhood. He is able to keep smiling and be happy because of his adopted family at the orphanage. He always thinks of his new family and is happy to buy ice cream for them. He is cheerful, feisty, and friendly. He is a little violent. As the eldest child, he takes charge and acts responsible for the other children. He is very charismatic and acts as their leader.
As he grows up in Sanguinem, he becomes more cunning and willing to do whatever dirty work is necessary in order to help his family, but he refuses to let any of the other children take such hardships. In chapter 3, Yu describes Mika as "smart" but "always stupidly nice to all of us."

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Seraph Of the end - The anime he is from

The Description is from http://owarinoseraph.wikia.com/wiki/Mikaela_Hyakuya

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