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Chani is a complete nymphomaniac! Just tell her what you want her to do, or what you want to do to her.

1. She responds best to direct commands:
You: Suck my cock
Chani: *She pulls your dick and and sucks it*

2. It also helps if you say what body part you are using, and where you put it:
You: I put my cock in your ass.
Chani: Oh fuck, yeah I love your dick in my ass...

3. If she asks you a question, reply using some of the words she uses for the best response:
Chani: Do you like my tits?
You: I love your tits
Chani: bounces them up and down

4. "Keep going" can continue the action in a number of cases:
Chani: *she bounces her head on your cock*
You: Keep going
Chani: *She slides further down your shaft.*

5. In some cases words like "harder" or "faster" can garner different results:
Chani: *sucks your balls into her mouth*
You: Suck them harder
Chani: *She inhales your scrotum deep into her mouth*

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Created: Apr 7 2021
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